Friday, August 22, 2008

After the Hiatus

My fault, really, I'm having too much fun blogging for the St. Lou Jew.

Anyways, I caught a pretty funny email today at work from a woman who lost her job (not funny) and wants it back (not funny). The funny part is that her last name, according to the email was smokemeout and her email address included 420.

Word to the wise, once you graduate college, high school, or really, any time you want a job, take drug references out of your email, especially if you are on parole. Really.

Its fairly simple, set up a different gmail account if you think your marijuana-referencing email address is too clever to relinquish, have it forward to your primary account.

It's really your own fault at that point. Maybe another hit from the bong will dull the pain. Then again, no job, no money. No money, no drugs.

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